About Me

That's me!
The person, not the frog

Meet me. I'm a gamer. I'm a distance runner. I'm someone who loves watching my favorite TV shows. And I'm a family man. Not always in that order.

I've been married since 2008, and have 2 kids. I'm an IT professional. I've traveled in over 40 different countries. I've competed in over 10 marathons. I once also competed in this. And I've been a gamer since the mid 80's, across many different consoles and PCs. 

Some of you may know me as lostkiwi from GameFAQs. Others may know me as littlelostkiwi from the PlayStation or Xbox Network , or from my most recent Steam Account. (I also have older Steam Accounts I no longer use, as well as accounts in just about every other PC distribution service known to man). Most of you won't know me at all. Either way, you're all welcome here.

You can find a few photos of my travels here, though it's a bit out of date. And you can find my ultra cool personal games wallpaper thingie here, though it probably won't hold your interest for long. 

About This Site

This site is updated automatically by a web-crawler that scans both Metacriric and GameFAQsAll gaming criteria, such as whether a game is exclusive or not, is determined from these sites, although I may occasionally make a change if I believe that the information that is displayed is not a true reflection of its current state. 

The games are updated on a periodic basis and therefore there may be a short delay between when changes on those sites are reflected on this site.

I would like to thank the following contributors of this site:
  • The Administrators on GameFAQs for their assistance (and patience) in helping me set up a web crawler to scan their site


If you would like to contact me, for what ever reason at all, then please use the form below