7th Generation Games

Note: As of 1st Jan 2015 this information is no longer updated

  PC PS3 Xbox 360 Wii
Games 2345 1503 1703 874
Exclusives 1077 289 262 401
Console Exclusives - 378 463 507

  PC PS3 Xbox 360 Wii
System Sellers 17 23 17 16
Games Of Distinction 41 50 54 5

Rules Of Engagement
  • A game must have a Metacritic score to show, unless it is multiplatform
  • System Exclusives also count as exclusives - for example, a PS3 game is still exclusive if it can be played on the PlayStation Vita, but not if it can be played on the Xbox 360
  • A Console Exclusive means that the game is not available on any other console outside of it's current manufacturer (Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo). It can however be available on the PC or mobile devices
  • DLC does not count unless:
    • it has a retail release - for example World Of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King
    • it is standalone and does not need the original to play - for example inFamous Festival of Blood
    • or it is episodic title that does not have a full version release
  • PC Games are listed from November 2005 (the release date of the Xbox 360) until Nobember 2014 (one full year after the release of the PS4 & Xbox One)
  • A System Seller is as follows:
    • it is exclusive
    • it has a Metacritic Score equal or greater to 85
    • it has 50 or more Metacritic reviews
    A System Seller signifies a popular and well scoring game that can only be found on one system
  • A game of distinction is any that charted in the top 10 of Eurogamer's yearly readers top 50 list
      A game of Distinction signifies a popular game throughout the wider gaming community
    • I strive to make this site as accurate as possible however it is an analysis of a large volume of information that is collaborated from multiple sources and constantly changing. This information should be treated as a guide only