8th Generation Games

  PC PS4 Xbox One Wii U
Games 1219 664 493 317
Exclusives 528 41 19 86
System Exclusives - 87 25 99
Console Exclusives - 236 89 148
Retail Games 95 243 187 115
First Party Published Games - 43 27 44
Upcoming Games 134 76 61 7

  PC PS4 Xbox One Wii U
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  PC PS4 Xbox One Wii U
System Sellers 5 5 3 8
Games Of Distinction 12 15 12 8

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Rules of Engagement
  • A game must have a Metacritic score to show, unless it is multiplatform
  • The definition of Exclusivity is as follows:
    • Exclusive: The game can be played on that platform only, and no other. For example a game that can only be played on the Wii U
    • System Exclusive: The game can be played on that platform and any sibling devices of that platform's manufacturer. For example, a PS4 game that can also be played on the PS3 or PS Vita
    • Console Exclusive: The game can be played on that platform, any siblling devices of that platform's manufacturer, as as well as on PC or Mobile. For example, a Xbox One game that is also available on the Xbox 360 and PC
  • HD Remakes, of any description, will never be considered as true exclusives
  • DLC does not count unless:
    • it has a retail release - for example Diablo 3 : Reaper of Souls
    • or it is standalone and does not need the original to play - for example inFamous First Light
    • or it is episodic title that does not have a full version release
  • Retail Games are determined from the release data at GameFaqs. Only U.S Retail information is considered.
  • First Party Published Games are any Console Exclusive games that meet the following criteria:
    • PlayStation 4: Published by SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) or SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe)
    • Xbox One: Published by Microsoft Game Studios
    • Wii U: Published by Nintendo
    • PC: The PC cannot have first party games since its hardware is not wholly owned by one entity.
  • PC Games start counting from November 2013, the same release date as the PS4 & Xbox One
  • Popularity is measured by the number of Metacritic User Reviews a title has
  • A System Seller is as follows:
    • it is a System Exclusive
    • it has a Metacritic Score equal or greater to 85
    • it has 50 or more Metacritic reviews
    A System Seller signifies a popular and well scoring game that can only be found on one system
  • A Game of Distinction is any that charted in the top 10 of Eurogamer's yearly readers top 50 list
    Polls can be found here: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
    A game of Distinction signifies a popular game throughout the wider gaming community
  • I strive to make this site as accurate as possible however it is an analysis of a large volume of information that is collaborated from multiple sources and is constantly changing. This information should be treated as a guide only