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Retail Games 280

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How This Works
  • A game must have a Metacritic score to show, unless it is on multiple systems
  • The definition of Exclusivity is as follows:
    • Exclusive: The game can be played on that platform only, and no other, in any other form. HD Collections, Remasters or Delux Editions based on games from other platforms will never be considered exclusive
  • DLC or Expansions do not count unless they have a standalone release and do not require the base game to play
  • Episodic games do not count unless they recieve a complete release with all epsiodes included
  • Retail Games are determined from the release data at GameFAQs. Only U.S Retail information is considered.
  • PC Generations count from the release date of the first console in the current generation until the release date of the last console in the next Generation
  • Popularity is measured by the number of Metacritic User Reviews a title has
  • A System Seller is as follows:
    • it is a System Exclusive
    • it has a Metacritic Score equal or greater to 85
    • it has 50 or more Metacritic reviews
    A System Seller signifies a popular and well scoring game that can only be found on one system
  • A Game of the year award is any that has been given by a professional media outlet
    The awards can be found here
    Multiple game of the year awards signifies a popular game throughout the wider gaming community
  • I strive to make this site as accurate as possible however it is an analysis of a large volume of information that is collaborated from multiple sources that is constantly changing. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to contact me on the 'About Me' page. I usually response to all contact.